April 24, 2023

#76 - Let's Chat About ChatGPT and Sales

With all the talk about AI and ChatGPT, we thought it necessary to weigh in a little on how ChatGPT is poised to disrupt sales (or not), and how to think about using AI in your sales efforts. (In full disclosure, Brendan is… but in very specific and targeted ways.)

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With all the talk about AI and ChatGPT, we thought it necessary to weigh in a little on how ChatGPT is poised to disrupt sales (or not), and how to think about using AI in your sales efforts. (In full disclosure, Brendan is… but in very specific and targeted ways.)

In this quick episode, Brendan and Bob dig into the pros and cons of picking up the phone and calling people that you don’t know. You may not like what you hear (or maybe you will), but it will save you valuable time and effort. To learn more about B2B sales and get regular updates, sales tips, templates and other resources, sign up for Brendan's newsletter here. And to purchase Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Practices and Ideas to Advance your Sales Success, click here.



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LCS - Chat GPT

Hey Bob, guess what?


It's another episode of Let's Chat sales.

Let's Chat Sales!


And today, what I thought we'd talk about is, I don't know.

This has not really come up at all in the press or in the internet or so forth,

but I thought we might spend a moment and talk about ChatGPT.

Yeah, you know, I struggled, you told me this topic and I really struggled to find information about it.

I had to search Google for like, oh, I don't know. And a

millisecond to get pointed.

It has unseated the Kardashians and Kanye and, you know, everything else.

And so it's incumbent upon us to talk about it for a few minutes from the standpoint of sales.


I think it's a great topic.

I think, the ChatGPT for those who don't know what it is, it's artificial intelligence that can do a lot of functions.

It's advanced a lot in the last, I don't know, based on the article I read this morning in New York Times, it's been the last couple years, but it's just sort of, popped up in the last three, four weeks.


It really blown up.

It exploded.


And it's gonna have, AI in general is gonna have monumental impact on our work, on business and sales in particular, I think.


I think so. And it's had a monumental impact in other areas.


Security and cybersecurity.


Intelligence, it's been very visible for in,

In marketing, in terms of

Marketing for a number of years.


Now it's just, I think it's really become commercialized.


So that the average person can access it.



And so what, that's the chef.


So what I thought we'd do is we talk a little bit about how this is gonna manifest itself and

how salespeople and founders and early stage startups should be thinking about AI.

I think that's a great idea.


So, I wish I'd thought of it.

I think you may have.


Did you suggest this?

Well done, well played kudos to you.

 I'm all about words of affirmation.

That is my love language.

You're the best.

You're the best.


I love, keep going. Come on.

That's right.

So here's where I thought we'd go is like, first of.

How is this gonna impact things?

And I think it's gonna impact things in a lot of ways.

There's certainly gonna be a lot more automation, the role of sales people.

Certainly the sales process is gonna change.

I mean, we've already seen that just the internet and content has, and blogs and self-service apps.

And chat bots and things like that have have made the sales process

The ability to follow someone from platform to platforms.


So if I look at an ad on your website and then I go to Facebook and I see your company come up again.


All those things.

All these things have had the effect of putting the customer in the driver's seat to learn more

and more about who you are before they engage with you.

And so now AI is simply going to accelerate

and expand upon that to the point where people are gonna theoretically be able to make purchases

without ever talking to an individual

because the AI is gonna be able to engage with them in a meaningful enough way.

And so, that's gonna cause us to have to think more about how we coexist with it.

So do you have any thoughts about that?

Well, first of all, I wanna give some real applications for it for a founder

and tell me if you disagree, but I think we played around with some AI in the last couple weeks.


And we did some really, what I would call some preliminary investigation.

Were trying to build a course.

Yeah, yeah.

And we put some keywords in and we both looked at the search and it came back with some really good information.



And you went a different method and had a different AI, a little more robust AI system.


Not only did it come back with more data, but it also came back with a name.


That you and I, when we were going through names had not come up with that.

I called you and said, this is really good.



A business name, right.

A business product.

A business name.


And it also came back with some data that we both said


I don't buy that.


I'm not feeling it.


This doesn't ring true based on my experience.

Or this is too simplistic.


And I think that's the heart.

That's the heart and the crux of the issue here.

How do you use this as a tool?

Yeah, but not make it the whole thing.

Yeah, just like the internet.


I can go and look at Wikipedia.


And I can see very cursory information about a topic.


But to really write about that topic, really understand it.

I've gotta go past Wikipedia because Wikipedia is crowdsource.

And AI of this kind of function is really crowdsourced.


And you've gotta have enough knowledge of your audience


To realize what they need and what they don't need and what they're going to respond to.


It can give us a whole bunch of blog post titles, which is great.


So, there are a couple immediate shortcomings that I see with AI that we need to be aware of.

And one is, in a lot of cases it's very generic.

You're right, like you said, it's going off and it's going out and grabbing stuff off the internet

and compiling it together and then presenting it back to you.

And there's a certain generic quality to the stuff that oftentimes generates.

So that's a problem.

And so one of the things I find is like you get something.

And it's not really a hundred percent of what you need.

It's got big gaps.

And so one of the things you're gonna have to do is fill in the gaps.

So when you know a AI is gonna get better, it's gonna improve over time.

And I suspect more of those gaps get filled.

Right now, it tends to be very useful for short bursty sort of stuff like blog post titles or summaries and that sort of thing.

Bullet doesn't,

Bullet points around the topic.

It's really good at.


That sort of stuff it seems to be quite good at

but where I think it's falling down is, for anything longer, more robust,

it tends to run outta gas and you end up with less than a hundred percent of what you need.

The other thing is, it lacks any sort of humanity to it.

It's not.


It lacks the sort of kind of interesting perspective,

the language that a human being would incorporate in.

And so, it doesn't typically weave in stories or examples, in my experience.

And it doesn't have a kind of an edgy quality or your own personal voice.

And I think that that's one of the areas where individuals can still thrive and coexist with.

Well, and I fear that the founder is going to use AI to avoid having to go out and talk to their customers.

Yeah, yeah.

Really understand the problem and the language.

Yeah, because it's quick and easy.

I mean, we did our test and it took us what.

Maybe three minutes.

It took me longer to put in the four or five pieces of information that needed to do with magic.


Than to do it.

And I think the fear I have is people are gonna say, well, you know what?

I hate talking to people.

I built this really great product or service and


I'm just gonna use AI to avoid making calls, going to meet with people, learning problems.

And to me that's the biggest potential roadblock to a founder with a great idea.


Because you and I spend a lot of time talking to our customers.


Talking to clients, perspective clients.

And we learn a lot from each of those discussions.


You learn their language, you learn the real problems.

You learn nuance that AI has not figured out yet.

And the other part of this Brendan that scares me is if you're pulling stuff off the internet.

And you're not sourcing it, you run the risk of copyright.

Right. Right.

And if you're putting a website and mark my words, the next two to five years we're gonna see a really big case come by

where someone who started a very small company, it blew up and someone goes back and chases their language on their website.



And finds the original source and says, you stole that from Google, or you stole that from Facebook.

And they're gonna sue.

 So one of the things that AI doesn't do, and I think that's critically important,

and you kind of touched on this just now,

and this is why it's still so important for founders and entrepreneurs and salespeople to think about this is and to develop this is.

Is that AI is not gonna be able to develop a relationship.

You know, it's not gonna replace the one-on-one conversation.

The chance to connect with someone, understand things at a personal one-on-one level.

It's not gonna be a human being, and my production is, it's not gonna be a human being for a long period of time.

And so, founders and salespeople and anyone in the Entrepreneur community is still gonna

want to have direct one-on-one conversations with their customers and establish those relationships

because I don't think you can establish a level of trust with a bot.

And so that's where I think one of the things that is gonna be really important.

I think

And value the output of that relationship over what AI is telling you.



You know, we looked at something yesterday, we looked at some pricing


That it came back with, and we were both like, yeah, that doesn't feel right.


And yeah, so I think where, where I AI can be really helpful is it can accelerate your arrival at at the place you want to be at.

I think that what AI can help you generate a framework,

give you a head start in certain areas.

And that's the where, where I think I'm gonna use it in,

in some of the course development work that I'm doing.

And some of the things that I'm gonna be doing going forward is I'm gonna be using it as a framework to help my students

and founders to get to the point where they get some copy, like get landing page copy and they get PowerPoints

and they get certain other resources

if you will


And yeah, but then

The final draft.


But then


And, but I'm expecting it to only get 'em 70% of the way there.

And then what's happening is, what I'm telling 'em to do is this is where

I'm gonna work with them to get to the next 20, 30% of the way there is, Hey, here's what you have.

It's a framework, it's a starting off point.

And then, this is what's missing.

This is what's wrong.

Here's how you embellish it.

Here's the nuance, here's the right terminology, for your particular market, these sorts of things.

And so what it does is just accelerates the process towards getting to where

you can have the conversations with the customer and so forth.

And so it just, I view it as a spring board for what I'm doing.

I like how you described it when we were talking about this briefly yesterday, that it goes from the blank page.


To having something to work with.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's easier.

And I think that's hard for a founder, entrepreneur or salesperson to just look at blank page and say,

I've gotta create a landing page.

I don't know what to put.

So if this gets you to a point where you can say, yeah, that works, that doesn't work.

Oh, wow.

I like that phrase.

Yeah. Yeah.

I think that is a great thing.


And so that's one of the takeaways I would say.

And the other takeaway I would say for a lot of founders and salespeople is don't get yourself wrapped around the axle about learning AI,

but find someone who is learning AI, and then employ them. On your behalf.

And the reason for that is this is just a little bit like learning a CRM or learning some other support tool.

You can't afford to invest your time learning all these specific tools.

You're much better off getting expertise in this area so that you don't have to learn how to use Salesforce

or some other CRM you get some expert in that really knows how to get

customer relationship management system

and yeah,

leverage all that sort of stuff.

And leverage their experience so that you get up to speed more quickly

so that you can kind of focus on running your business and so forth.

And AI is gonna be the same way.

I think what you're gonna see with AI is the point solutions that have come out for the next

period of time are gonna be pretty mediocre.

And rudimentary, here's an example.

Right now, if you get one of these marketing ones,

it asks you for a color for your logo and it'll generate a logo, but it asks for one color.

You can't have a second color.

And that kind..

The one we use there might be one out there that has four color.


But there are, that's what I'm seeing is that kind of rudimentary sort of set of criteria.

The writing tools the same. They're very rudimentary.

They can't write more than a few paragraphs, typically.

They don't, they're not writing.

You can't write a book.


Which is great, by the way, for now.

We're seeing the very early stages.

And so where I think this is gonna go, at least in the short term, is I think you're better off finding someone who,

who's burying themselves in AI and then using them.

To kind of put together a more robust solution that uses multiple different tools and programming to kind of glue it all together.

So it does more of the things that you're, that you need it to do.

Because right now, I think, I think they're kind of simple.

Well, I would agree with that.

I would also add that right now it's largely free.


And I think it's going to be, the good stuff is hidden behind a paywall.

Because we saw this with data analytics.

Data analytics is really expensive to get good quality data analytics.


It's available, but you've gotta pay.

Right now, we're not paying most AI that we're working with in ChatGPT and the other ones.

It's really inexpensive.


And I think, it's the tease.


And the real value's gonna be behind a paywall.

And that paywall is gonna be steep.,

And it may be prohibitive to a lot of founders to invest in that.

Yeah, exactly.


This is fascinating.

So, yeah.


Just in summary, I think we're gonna be talking about this a lot in the coming months.

You know, this is gonna continue, gonna be witnessing a real exponential growth.


If everyone's interested.

What is it the Cambien explosion right now in terms of new tools?

What does that mean?


Reference back cambien, is reference to this a period in evolution

where there was just an enormous explosion in terms of new species

and they flourished for a period of time, and then a whole bunch of them died off.

But there was just an enormous number of new species that came out.

This is like 200 million years ago.

And we're seeing that right now.

We're seeing, gonna see it can be an explosion in the area of AI in this next

seeing we're technology in general.


You know, with all the social media, with all the tools that you can edit things with the ads.


it's going to interesting.

The storage space and how inexpensive storage is.


So, we'll be talking about this again.

So, next time, Bob.

We'll set time, every couple of months.

We should do it again.


So let's, set off for now.


We beat this one up.

Alright. See you, Bob.

Take care.

See ya, Brendan.

That was another episode of Let's Chat Sales a quick one, of course.

And I hope it was helpful.

And if it was please like, and subscribe and more importantly, share it with your friends.

There should be something right here you could point to and click on and try that out.

It should be good.

It's probably good.

Certainly short.

It's probably helpful. And thanks for listening or watching.