Let's Chat Sales

Get better at sales... one quick episode at a time.

Brendan McAdams and Bob Graham have fast (8-15 min) chats about early-stage startups, sales fundamentals, and other tips and ideas for the B2B startup founder. (And they are also available on Brendan's YouTube Channel.)

Recent Episodes

#59 - Build Trust, Build Relationships, Build Your Business

Sept. 30, 2022

Most people get it backwards. They start by pitching, by explaining how their product works and all the special features that are built into it. But customers don't care and they won't listen if you haven't first establish t…

#58 - Sales Mindset - Who Are You?

Sept. 27, 2022

To be effective at sales, you need to know who you are. What are your skills? Your strengths? What do you stand for? In this episode, Brendan and Bob talk about one of the fundamental aspects of sales - Mindset. And a co…

#57 - SALES TIP: Are you saying 'Thank You' enough?

Aug. 15, 2022

Nobody does it alone. If you're having any success in your sales efforts, it's in some measure due to the help and encouragement of others. So thank them. Getting effective and efficient with saying 'Thank you' can superchar…

#56 - Marketing vs. Sales, with Ryan Law of Animalz.co

Aug. 1, 2022

In this episode, it's a 15 minute chat with Ryan Law about the relationship between sales and marketing.  Ryan is the VP of Content at Animalz.co, an agency that provides high-end content marketing solutions to SaaS and t…

#55 - SALES TIP: One Way to Build Trust Early

July 26, 2022

Nobody's perfect. We all have our little idiosyncracies and odd character traits... and they can get in the way of your sales effectiveness. So what to do? Embrace them, and get the customer on your side.  In this quick 8…

#54 - How to think about your 'Ask'

July 19, 2022

You've done your discovery. You've established trust. You've gotten alignment. Now what? It's time for 'the ask.' What is the decision your customer needs to make? What is it that they need to do next? In this rambling…