Let's Chat Sales

Get better at sales... one quick episode at a time.

Brendan McAdams and Bob Graham have fast (8-15 min) chats about early-stage startups, sales fundamentals, and other tips and ideas for the B2B startup founder. (And they are also available on Brendan's YouTube Channel.)

Recent Episodes

#70 - Learn to Love the Grind

Dec. 21, 2022

Okay… Sales isn’t easy. And sometimes, it can be pure toil and misery. But if you want to grow your business, make customers successful, and achieve success, you can’t ignore sales. And you shouldn’t put it off. (And if you …

#69 - Guess What? You Have A Personal Brand

Dec. 15, 2022

Everyone has a personal brand. Simply put, it’s how others think about and describe you. And there are both overt and subtle ways that you can improve (or undermine) that brand.   In this quick 10-minute episode, Brendan …

#68 - Talking About Your Brand

Dec. 9, 2022

There is a lot of discussion, and even obsession, around establishing your brand. And while it makes sense to pay attention to how your customers view and talk about your business, it can become a time sink. In this quic…

#67 - Sales Tip: Inbound vs Outbound

Nov. 30, 2022

There is a big difference between an inbound customer, and an outbound cold call.  In this quick episode, Brendan and Bob talk about how to think about these two different interactions.

#66 - Sales Tip: You're Causing Discomfort

Nov. 25, 2022

As a sales professional, you’re helping your customer. You’re a trusted advisor, a consultant, and helping them make decisions. But you’re also introducing change. And that can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.   In this s…

#65 - How to Quit Your Job

Nov. 17, 2022

If you’re a founder or creator, chances are you start out doing something on the side. But as things start to scale, you will need to give serious thought to going all in.   In this quick episode, Brendan and Bob talk abo…