Dec. 21, 2022

#70 - Learn to Love the Grind

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Okay… Sales isn’t easy. And sometimes, it can be pure toil and misery. But if you want to grow your business, make customers successful, and achieve success, you can’t ignore sales. And you shouldn’t put it off. (And if you don’t want those things, why are you in business??)  

In this quick 4-minute chat, Brendan and Bob talk about why you should learn to love the grind of sales. And how to make the toil and misery work for you.

Link to  No Country For Old Men -


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Hey, Bob, guess what?

It's another episode of Let's Chat Sales.

Let's chat Sales! 

And in this episode, what I thought we'd spend some time talking about 

and do this really briefly, but I do wanna talk about how important it is to, 

I heard this phrase the other day, which I 

think makes a lot of sense, 

and that is to try and stay in the arena. 


This whole idea of staying in the arena and

what that means is you can't win if you're not participating.

If you're not in the game, you can't be successful. 

And so how do you stay in the game? 

And this is the phrase I like to use is niche.

And that is what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 

And so the idea is that if you can get into this and stay in the game somehow 

and endure it and enjoy the grind and kind of start to embrace the fact 

that there's work involved and enjoy the work, opportunities arise from that.

And the thing is, if you're not in the arena, 

if you're not participating, 

if you're not grinding away at it, 

Those opportunities just don't materialize. 

You don't even get the chance to see them. 

So if I'm working in my basement and never going out 

and meeting people and talking about what I'm trying to do,

opportunities are not gonna come to my basement probably.

That's right. 

That's right. 

You have to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. 

Nothing happens without an interaction. 

It doesn't happen in a vacuum.

It doesn't happen by yourself.

So you gotta find a way to get into that momentum.. 

Where you get into the arena, you find the thing that's not gonna kill you.


You know, it's a bigger speech people, by the way. 

All right. 

Don't go off and jump off buildings and such. 

But the idea is it's creating that momentum,

that's where the opportunities turn up. 

You can't find an opportunity if you don't pick up the phone,

if you don't engage with people, 

if you don't ask questions and you don't kind of put yourself out there.

And that's what I've experienced too. 



You know, ultimately a journey, not the destination. 

Right. It's process.

It's doing the thing, it's getting up, you know, it's pushing the rock up the hill every day.


Let's make this a whole aism sort of a episode, and, you know, Woody Allens is 90, right.

90% of success is showing up Woody Allen. 


And that is like, you can't do anything if you don't show up. 


Nothing can happen. 

And, what's Wayne Gretzky say? 

You know, 90% of the shots you, the shots you take. 

This is my favorite episode. 

This is good. 

It's write these down people.

They're just gems.

This is a short one, but I just think it's kind of important that

you can't get there if you don't kind of endure the grind. 

And that means staying in the arena. 

That means the things that don't kill you, make you stronger. 

And I think that's fundamentally the way you kinda have to think about sales.

You have to think about customers and so forth. 

And so, I think we kind of beat this one up. 

What do you think? 

No, I think that's a great reminder that we all can embrace. 

So I appreciate what you just said. 

Thank you. 

Can we do this some time. 


And this is well before we do, 

Let's talk about a movie.


I want you to talk about a movie cause the recommendations are so good.

So good.

All right. 

So, one of my favorite, I don't believe in favorites,

but one of my favorite movie.

I strongly recommend everybody watch it is

No Country for Old Men.

Have I mentioned this one before? 


Not on here, but you have mentioned it.

Oh man. 

Cormick McCarthy. 


But it is just such a great meaning of life movie and the dialogue is great. 

It's got Woody Harson and Javier Bardem. 

Josh Brolin, in a not a superhero role. 

You know, it's got oh, Tommy Lee Jones. 

And it's fantastic. 

It's fantastic.

Not a lot of women, as it turns out, 

it's kind of a western, it's a modern Western and it's a moral to, so I just, I tell you, 

I would, people should watch it and then tell me whether 

or not they liked it or tell me what they liked about it. 

I'd love to hear it cuz I tell it's one of my favorite movies. 


I'm gonna put on my list for this weekend right before the World Cup. 

Oh, we talk about it. 

Oh, it's excellent. 

Excellent, man. 


All right, man. 

We'll do it again. 


See you, Bob.

That was another episode of Let's Chat Sales a quick one, of course. 

And I hope it was helpful. 

And if it was please like, and subscribe and more importantly, share it with your friends.

There should be something right here you could point to and click on and try that out.

It should be good.

It's probably good. 

Certainly short.

It's probably helpful. And thanks for listening or watching.