Aug. 15, 2022

#57 - Sales Tip - Are you saying 'Thank You' enough?

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Nobody does it alone. If you're having any success in your sales efforts, it's in some measure due to the help and encouragement of others. So thank them. Getting effective and efficient with saying 'Thank you' can supercharge your sales success.... and in this quick 8-ish minute chat we share a few key practices to make saying 'Thank You' more automatic.

Plus, if you listen to the end you'll get a tip that can save you 2 full hours. (Email me at if you feel compelled to thank me!)

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📍 Okay, Bob, it's another episode of Let's Chat Sales. We are cranking the way at these things, right? 

We are, I feel like we're just warming up. I mean, we've got the list, a mile long of topics.  

Maybe we should do the Let's Chat Sales marathon and just go 24 hours straight back to back 

to back.

Who doesn't wanna listen to us for 24 straight hours?

I can't imagine. 

I think that would be a lot of fun. 

So we're talking . About, thank you today, right? 

Yes.  Let's talk about thank yous and how important they are.

And it is a sales technique, a sales fundamental that I just think people aren't taking advantage of.

Can I go to stuff further? Brendan? I don't think it's a sales fundamental. I think it's a human being fundamental. 

Oh, oh really? Is.  That what we're? I think it goes deeper. 

I really think being able to say thank you to people is like a life skill we all have to apply. 

The podcast is called Let's Chat Sales, not let's chat humanity,speak to the stick to the genre. Will you?


Okay. So thank yous are critical to sales. 

Got like a Siri, Siri, find me a new sidekick. Let's see what Siri has to say...  

Siri probably can do a better job. 

What would you like to talk about Brendan. And the value of thank yous in a sales situation.

Okay. And in life too, of course. Right. Yeah. So, so why don't you, what do you wanna mean by thank yous that where you're going with this? 

Well, I was gonna say, I, I think there is a definition that needs to be had of what a thank you is and when it's appropriate to give a thank you. 

Okay. Right.

Fire away!

Yeah. So I think when someone does something  to help you or your business or your process, then you thank them. 

So I had lunch with someone today and I thanked him because he's been a really good client to this company I've worked with for the last two years. 

He's been through some real crap that we put him through and he stuck with us. 

That was a genuine, thank you. Shake his hand. I really value you. Thank you so much for trusting in us. 

I could see him light up. That he was like, oh wow. He values me. He gets that I've been through the grinder with him a couple times. 

I think that really instills something in that business relationship. 

I totally get it.

And  I don't think people do it enough. I find it to be a really powerful gesture and...

because not enough people do it or do it effectively, it really is powerful. 

It, it really can make a huge difference in, in building trust and building a relationship and that sort of thing. 

And I've sent thank you notes. 

Yeah, I do too. 

I do too written ones and, and I'm amazed at how many of those are on someone's office wall six months later.

It's a lost art. 

A variation on that theme is... in the social media internet world is you can do a kind of a public thank you to someone.

I happen to be a big fan of podcast. Not just this one, although this is one of my favorites....

That's good. I'm glad. 

But, uh, like the other day, uh, Noah Kagan had a really good podcast with a guy... Nick Gray. 

And it was about having a two hour cocktail party in his book and the podcast was really good.

It was just really actionable and specific... and it was entertaining and it was concise.

It was just a lot of things going for it. A lot of things that maybe this podcast lacks from time to time...

I thanked him through social media on Twitter, I just said, Hey, Nick, Noah..., I really love this. It was great. 

And I said much of the same stuff and that sort of started a little dialogue.

So the point is... there are little ways that you can recognize people, right? 

And the thank you is good when I thank you or when I thank an individual, 

but  it's better if somehow or another it's public. 

Like it's in front of other people, right?

Yes. It recognizes them. 

It recognizes their generosity. 

It recognizes the fact that others recognize,  that Bob... he went out of his way to thank him.  

And so the benefit does come back to you. 

Yes. I, I also think there's a quality of thanking a person when they're inconveniencing their family.

So years ago, I had some people had, had to work a weekend project. 

And it was just the way it worked out. 

They had to work the weekend. 

I sent them all thank you cards to their houses. 

And three of the six said it was so great that you sent it to my house because my spouse asked what this was.

And I was able to explain to him and show them that you really appreciated my hard work. 

That ability to be able to share with someone, Hey, I made a difference here. 

Because we tend not to be able to do that, that much. 

That's a good one. Another ingredient is if it's not expected... 

Right, if somehow you thank them , and it catches a little bit off guard.

I've sent gifts. Small gifts to customers and to people that have, uh, referred me and so forth.

And then typically, I try to send it outta the blue. 

Hey, with a note and I thought you'd enjoy this. I send food. Oftentimes, uh, I have a buddy. Who's a...

You gave me a lovely handmade muddler. 

Made. Yes. Yes, 

yes. You made that, but it was a great gift and I've had a number of people ask me about it. 

That's right.

And now I'm able to tell the story about how  I've become a sidekick, thanks to all this .

It's amazing how these things, uh, interconnect. 

We live in this small little interconnected world. 


So I think those things, especially, they come as a bit of a surprise, 

well, that didn't need to do that, you know?

And, those sorts of things... um, they, they have heft... they have meaning...

and they deepen the relationship. 

That's right. And it's, it's really all about relationships really. And this whole thing is about relationships at the end.

Right. So, right. So that's where I think, you know, I think  if there's something I would tell people it's that...

have cards and envelopes ...have stamps, right? 

So you can drop something in the mail. 

I, them now, cause the price is going up shortly. 

Was it again? 

I did not know.

Yeah. I think it's going up to 60 cents from 58. 

You know what, still a freaking bargain. 

Oh. Especially if you, if you send it from the east coast to the west coast. 

Yeah. You're making money.

If you're sending it down the street. Yeah. 

Still making money because ... what's your time worth. If you have to, you have to carry it down there.

60 cents. You can send something across the country and it gets there in two or three days. That is a modern miracle.

The fact that people pick on the post office...

I don't, we're going off on rants to these last couple episodes. 

Well, we, yeah, well, I mean me mostly, uh, and by the way, 

  1. But before we do, I do wanna leave you with one important takeaway. 

And this may be the most important thing that we can say in the course of this podcast.

And that is don't watch The Gray Man on Netflix.

It's it's awful. And right there... so you listen to  this podcast for 10 minutes, right.

But I saved you two hours just now. Nothing I say on this podcast or Bob for that matter will, will be as valuable as not watching The Gray Man.. 

With you a hundred percent. 

It was awful. 

That's gonna be our new, it's gonna be our new takeaway.

All right. 

Well, I'm looking at my beard and thinking I could be the gray man. You're 

looking, you're looking, uh, hirsute. 

So let's sign off!